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The 10 Laws of Learning- Steve's Pathbreaking Book on Parenting by Random House

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“Indispensable to anyone who is connected to the process of educating children.”  Read More...

—Arun Kapur

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The 10 Laws of Learning, which are an outcome of American educator Steven Rudolph’s teaching experience of over 20 years, have now been inter-woven into a book form, peppered with relevant examples, illustrations and keen insight. Published by international publishing giant, Random House, this book helps parents in creating better learning environments so that children perform like champions. It is an indispensable tool for parents, who will be better equipped to guide their children to choose their ideal career paths.
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The 10 Laws of Learning is an educational concept which proposes that there are a number of educational principles, which, if followed, increase the amount an individual learns. These concepts, which also incorporate the educational theories of Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures, encompass all aspects of children’s education and career that include health, psychological well-being, goal-setting, organising and planning abilities, social etiquettes, behaviour improvement, smart study-techniques and career decision-making. LOLs are pertinent to teachers, principals, administrators and parents.
The 10 Laws of Learning
Law 1: Teach Children to Take Care of Themselves
Law 2: Teach Children to Believe in Themselves
Law 3: Teach Children to Explore
Law 4: Teach Children to Make Goals
Law 5: Teach Children to Plan
Law 6: Teach Children the Rules of the Game
Law 7: Teach Children to Practice
Law 8: Teach Children to Play
Law 9: Teach Children the Tricks of the Game
Law 10: Teach Children to Perform Like Champions

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